Nic Frangos spent 30 years as a CEO of successful businesses. Since 1994 he has engaged in corporate investments across industries in South Africa and the United States. He has a passion for strategy and has assisted many companies in strategy formulation and execution. He is also a director of, among others, Anchor Securities, Global Equities and GIB Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd. Nic Frangos’ career spans industries as diverse as global consumer brands, information communications technology, sports management, financial services, property, and corporate investments.

The Science and Art of Strategy was conceptualized over 35 years to deal with some serious problems pertaining to crafting Strategy and its execution.

McKinsey and other studies have shown that over 70% of change initiatives fail, and studies by Harvard have shown that as much as 90% of strategies fail to deliver their intended results. These studies also showed that 95% of the workforce say that they do not understand the company strategy.

 There are some obvious reasons:

  • First, strategy is a complex subject and few have been able to describe it in terms that are understandable to business leaders. Most books on strategy have been written by university professors or consulting partners from big firms, neither of whom have had much direct operational involvement in business. These works have an academic orientation;
  • Second, the cost of professional consultants is high and out of reach for most businesses;
  • A third reason is that a disconnect often occurs between crafting strategy and executing it; and one without the other is unlikely to succeed.

As a consequence management teams tend to use intuition to solve problems. However, without the detailed knowledge of the concepts of strategy, this fails too often. None of us, apparently, are so smart that we can rely purely on hunch and gut instinct.

The Science and Art of Strategy is designed to overcome these problems and make strategy efficient and effective in a practical user-friendly way, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. The science of strategy is the methodologies, tools, and diagnostics. The art is the intuition, judgement, and application thereof. As with every discipline, the science and the art are intended to work interactively for best results. The masterclass focuses on the Core Concepts of strategy in the form of an executive summary. It will capture the full context of strategy in a practical and usable way.

​The masterclass will be live-streamed to business leaders, entrepreneurs, strategists and analysts in South Africa, Africa and globally. A recording of the masterclass will be promoted to 200,000 of Regenesys’ clients, students and alumni from 190 countries.


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Date: November 3, 2020

Time: 18h00-19h30

Entrance: Free

Venue:165 West Street, Sandton or via Zoom Webinar

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Phone:  011 669 5000/5051

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