The successful completion of the National Diploma in Public Administration – NQF Level 7 opens an education pathway to complete a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management – NQF Level 8, MBA or a Master’s in Public Management – NQF Level 9 and a Doctoral degree – NQF Level 10. This course is offered both online and contact lessons.

Modular Options

Many public servants have deep workplace experience and possess two-year diplomas as their highest
qualification, especially those in nursing and education but without an NQF Level 7 qualification they cannot undertake Honours and Master’s level programmes.

Project Management

This course will explore the context of project management in the public sector, paying attention to the importance of alignment and systemic thinking.

Public Sector Management

This course contributes to the development of management and strategic skills of managers and other role-players in the public sector

Public Human Resource Management

This course will enable participants to develop an understanding of the key elements of human resource

Public Finance and Administration

This course focuses on governance, governance structures and introduces political theories and their link to non-economic dimensions of

Fundamentals of Research

The purpose of this course is to provide participants with the knowledge, tools and techniques to carry out systematic research

Public Policy Management

This course is intended for public sector officials at strategic level. The course focuses on theoretical and analytical

Public Strategic Management

The purpose of this course is to ensure that participants conceptualise and integrate a public sector strategic framework

Public Communication Strategies

This course is devoted to developing and implementing communication strategies, establishing,

Who should study
for this course

The National Diploma in Public Administration is a bridging programme that allows public servants with a diploma but not a Bachelor’s degree to participate in Honours and Master’s level programmes.

Entry Requirements

A general degree at NQF level 6 in the areas of administration, management, finance or commerce
Recognition of Prior Learning could be applied for to allow for:
• Access towards the qualification (assessed at NQF level 6)
• Credits for specific unit standards in the qualification
• Obtaining the qualification in whole or in part

What others have to say

Thank you Regenesys for this brilliant course, it has helped me to grow personally and professionally with in my career

Deborah McPhail

Head of Admissions, Services Delivery and Graduations, Regenesys Business School

This qualification is offered over 15 months.

This qualification is offered both online and through scheduled contact sessions.

The National Diploma in Public Administration is an NQF Level 7 qualification, with 260 credits.

Exemptions for enrolments will follow the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process

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