Introduction to Robotics


Introduction to Robotics

This programme introduces participants to the field of Robotics and covers a range of disciplines related to electronics, engineering processes, computer science, and mechanics which are required for designing, developing and programming robots.

This programme is designed for leaders and managers who need to deepen their understanding of robotics, and support automation and developments of robots in order
to create the organisation’s strategic competitive advantage.  This programme does not require technical Robotics skills.

Duration:  16 hours of online self-paced learning.

Programme Content

  • Introduction to Robotics terminology, definitions, and concepts
  • The evolution of Robotics
  • Introduction to problem solving and logic
  • Algorithms and Coding
  • Introduction to electronics and electric circuits
  • Mechanical systems, sensors, actuators, manipulators and micro controllers
  • Application of Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks and Reinforcement Learning in Robotics
  • Digital Transformation strategy
  • Critical success factors of Robotics
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Course Date

August 2021


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