Introduction to Professional Business Writing Skills


Introduction to Professional Business Writing Skills

This programme equips participants with the skills to write professional business correspondence.  The principles of communication, developing sentences and paragraphs that are clear, concise and logical, are covered.  The programme explores the development of coherent and powerful arguments, structuring and writing professional letters, emails, reports, and plans.

This programme will benefit working professionals, entrepreneurs, consultants, unemployed graduates, and individuals who wish to improve their written communication skills and progress in the business world.

Duration:  16 hours of online self-paced learning.

Programme Content

  • Overview of communication: purpose, process, methods
  • Principles and guidelines of professional writing
  • Understanding your audience
  • Developing winning arguments that are clear, concise, logical and powerful
  • Well-constructed arguments
  • Documentation for facilitating effective meetings
  • Essentials of professional verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Writing professional emails, letters, presentations, reports, minutes of meetings, SMS and WhatsApp text messages
  • Professional communication success and failure factors
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August 2021


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