Digital literacy is the foundation upon which Coding skills are built. This programme develops Coding skills for solving real-life problems in the new digital world.  The programme explores core programming skills and then develops proficiency in popular future-oriented Coding languages, paving the way to a career in software engineering.

This programme is for leaders and managers who need to deepen their understanding of Coding, and support digital transformation in order to create their organisation’s strategic competitive advantage.  This programme does not require technical Coding skills.

Duration:  1 hour

Programme Content

  • Introduction to Coding terminology, definitions, and concepts
  • The evolution of Coding
  • Introduction to problem solving, analytic logic, and information theory
  • How computers work: introduction to computer science, algorithms, and the internet
  • Introduction to the fundamentals of software engineering, Coding and some of the fastest growing Coding language
  • Introduction to Data Science, data structures, accessing, filtering, comparing, managing data, and utilising popular software
  • Coding a website using cutting-edge technologies and Coding languages
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Machine Learning, and Blockchain
  • Critical success factors of Coding


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Facilitator Profile

Laika Satish

Masters of Computer Applications (MCA) – Bhahusaheb Hiray College of Computer Applications, Mumbai University, BSc in Computer Science – S.I.E.S College, Mumbai, India

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Course Date

19 Aug 2021



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