Advanced Digital Marketing



Advanced Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing programme introduces key principles of marketing, advertising and sales in the digital environment.  Digital Marketing techniques on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other emerging social media platforms will also be discussed.  The programme explores search engine optimisation, web analytics, mobile marketing, email marketing and digital marketing campaign management.  The development of a Digital Marketing strategy, plan and critical success factors are also explored.

This programme is designed for Digital Marketing professionals involved in developing and implementing Digital Marketing strategies, campaigns and initiatives.  The programme is also well suited for the youth, students and graduates who wish to pursue professional careers in Digital Marketing.

Duration:  8 weeks.

Mode:  Course are facilitated by our expert faculty via our video conferencing platform.

Programme Content

  • An introduction to Digital Marketing terminology, definitions, and concepts
  • The evolution of Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and YouTube
  • Advertising via Instagram, Twitter and other emerging social media platforms
  • Digital Marketing campaign management, Search Engine Optimisation, and web analytics
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Developing Digital Marketing strategy to gain strategic competitive advantage
  • Digital Marketing critical success factors

What will you learn

  • Advanced concepts of digital marketing
  • Building digital asset using WordPress, Wix
  • Digital Marketing strategies using social media channels, email marketing & video marketing
  • Measure and optimize marketing analytics using Google tools
  • Transform digital marketing practices using AI
  • Important skill-sets of digital marketing professionals
  • 10+ Learning scenarios and Capstone Project

Course Breakdown

    Session 1 – Introduction to digital marketing, planning & budgeting
    Session 2 – Digital asset, search engine optimization (SEO) MozPro, PPC
    Session 3 – Social media marketing 1 (Facebook, Instagram)
    Session 4 – Social media marketing 2 (Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn)
    Session 5 – E-mail marketing, content marketing
    Session 6 – Video marketing, mobile marketing
    Session 7 – TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube advertising
    Session 8 – Copy-writing, blogging and content development
    Session 9 – Google Adwords, CPC, CPA, CPM, campaign management
    Session 10 – Infographics, remarketing, retargeting
    Session 11 – Lead management, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing and strategies
    Session 12 – Digital marketing tools – Google, Integromat, Grammarly
    Session 13 – Data analytics, using AI in digital marketing
    Session 14 – Cookies, browsers, user experience (UX), freelancing
    Session 15 – Digital communities, professional skills, critical success factors
    Project – Capstone project

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16 October 2021


South Africa




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$           695.00

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