Advanced Data Science



Advanced Data Science

This programme provides participants with the knowledge, skills and experience associated with Data Science.  The participants will explore a range of tools, algorithms, Machine Learning and statistical techniques, with the aim of discovering hidden insights and patterns from raw data in order to inform scientific business decision making.  The programme covers key areas of Data Science, like Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

This programme is designed for professionals involved in Data Science.  The programme is also well suited for the youth, students and graduates who wish to pursue professional careers in Data Science, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Academic Research, Business Analysis and Machine Learning.

Duration:  60 hours of online self-paced learning.

Programme Content

  • Introduction to Data Science terminology, definitions, and concepts
  • The evolution of Data Science
  • Introduction to relevant mathematical and statistical analysis techniques, algorithms, programming, visualisation and cloud concepts
  • Introduction to data structures, cleaning, accessing, filtering, analysing, using, communicating and, managing data utilising cutting-edge software
  • Introduction to Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Blockchain
  • Modern application of Data Science
  • Digital Transformation strategy
  • Critical success factors in the management of Data Science projects
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