Advanced Cybersecurity



Advanced Cybersecurity

This programme provides participants with the knowledge, skills, and experience of Cybersecurity management.  The participants will gain an understanding of Cybersecurity and network threats, vulnerabilities, data security, risk management, development of a Cybersecurity plan, an emergency management procedure, and disaster recovery.  The programme will explore several of the most popular and recent global cybercrimes committed, their impact, and lessons learned.

This programme is for professionals involved in Cybersecurity systems.  The programme is also well suited for the youth, students, and graduates who wish to pursue a professional career in Cybersecurity.

Duration: 8 weeks.

Mode:  Course are facilitated by our expert faculty via our video conferencing platform.

Programme Content

  • An introduction to terminology, definitions, and concepts of Cybersecurity – firewalls, advanced hackers, malware, viruses, trackers, phishing, trojans, zero-days, exploit kits, and identity theft
  • The evolution and future of Cybersecurity
  • Review of the most popular and recent global cybercrimes committed
  • Cybersecurity and network threats, vulnerabilities, hacker techniques, tracking down hackers and forensics of Cybersecurity
  • Data security
  • Development of a Cybersecurity plan, risk management, emergency procedure, and disaster recovery
  • Security, privacy and patching for the most popular operating systems such as Windows, MacOS and Linux
  • Cyberlaw, ethics, government spying, and mass surveillance
  • Industry best practices to achieve a robust Cybersecurity outcome
  • Key success and failure factors in Cybersecurity

What will you learn

  • Cyber Security Fundamentals/li>
  • Cyber Policies and Procedures
  • Cyber Attacks
  • Malware Functioning
  • Case Study Implementation

Course Breakdown

    Session 1 – Introduction, Terminologies, Open Source Tools
    Session 2 – Review organisational security policy and procedures
    Session 3 – Develop a security plan to investigate the attacks and threats
    Session 4 – Design controls to be incorporated into the system
    Session 5 – Cyberattacks, Types of the virus, Malware
    Session 6 – Installing the tools and their practical applications
    Session 7 – Cryptography, Cryptanalysis, and Security features
    Session 8 – Tools and methods in cyber line
    Session 9 – Cyber laws and Cyber Forensic
    Session 10 – Ethical Hacking, Session Hijacking
    Session 11 – Server Hacking, Security Protocols
    Session 12 – Practical Programs Implementation on Cybersecurity
    Session 13 – Case Study 1 (Network Analysis)
    Session 14 – Case Study 2 (Cryptography)
    Session 15 – Case Study 3 (Cyber Forensics)

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Course Start

16 October 2021


South Africa




R     9 900.00

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₦ 287 100.00

$          695.00

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