Advanced Coding



Advanced Coding

Digital literacy is the foundation upon which Coding skills are built. This programme develops Coding skills for solving real-life problems in the new digital world.  The programme explores core programming skills and then develops proficiency in popular future-oriented Coding languages, paving the way to a career in software engineering.

This programme is for professionals involved in Coding.  The programme is also well suited for the youth, students and graduates who wish to pursue a professional career in Coding; paving the way to a career in software engineering.

Duration:  60 hours of online facilitator-led learning delivered over a period of three months.

Mode:  Course are facilitated by our expert faculty via our video conferencing platform.

Programme Content

  • Introduction to Coding terminology, definitions, and concepts
  • The evolution of Coding
  • Introduction to problem solving, analytic logic, and information theory
  • How computers work: introduction to computer science, algorithms, and the internet
  • Introduction to the fundamentals of software engineering, Coding and some of the fastest growing Coding language
  • Introduction to Data Science, data structures, accessing, filtering, comparing, managing data, and utilising popular software
  • Coding a website using cutting-edge technologies and Coding languages
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Machine Learning, and Blockchain
  • Critical success factors of Coding

Facilitator Profile

Laika Satish

Masters of Computer Applications (MCA) – Bhahusaheb Hiray College of Computer Applications, Mumbai University, BSc in Computer Science – S.I.E.S College, Mumbai, India

  • Experienced Lecturer and Certified Data Scientist with a passion for teaching and research in the field of Data Science that accelerate the efficiency and effectiveness of organizational success.
  • Well-knowledgeable in technology and writing programs following an architectural pattern to create systems that are reliable and user-friendly.
  • A skilled mentor who has the proven ability to motivate, educate, and manage a team of professionals to build models and effectively track changes.
  • A lecturer who is experienced at international level for teaching students from diverse backgrounds and culture.
  • Confident communicator, strategic thinker, and innovative creator that is customized to meet a company’s organizational needs, highlight their core competencies, and further their success.
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Course Start

18 September 2021


South Africa




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