Bachelor Of Accounting Science

This degree will provide you with professional knowledge, skills and applied competences that enable continued personal intellectual growth, gainful economic activity, and the ability to make valuable contributions to society in the fields of accounting, auditing, financial management and taxation.
Your knowledge and skills in accounting science will be supplemented with modules on business management, economics, computer skills and business communication – all crucial to success in today’s dynamic and competitive business environment.


Your career options on completing this degree start with associate general accountant and chartered accountant. We point out “start with”, as many accountancy practitioners go on to run major national and transnational corporations.

If you wish to pursue a career as a chartered accountant, you will, once you have completed your qualification, be required to complete a Certificate in Theory of Accounting or a Higher Diploma in Accountancy to enter a three-year learnership with a registered training office to specialise in auditing, or an approved training organisation to specialise in financial management.

Should you elect to pursue a career as an associate general accountant, you will need to complete a three-year internship after completing this qualification, but you will not need to complete a postgraduate qualification or board examinations.

Who is it for?

This qualification will prepare you to enter a range of professional careers in accounting, able to analyse, interpret and apply accounting, auditing, financial management and tax knowledge in various financial fields.

Certificates are awarded on the following basis:

  • Certificate of completion: Cumulative average of 80% in online tests
  • Certificate of participation: Cumulative average of 50%-79% for online tests
  • Certificate of attendance: Cumulative average of less than 50% for online tests

Entry requirements

  • Matric mathematics
  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • A senior certificate with endorsement, or a national senior certificate granting admission to bachelor studies
  • A relevant qualification from an accredited institution, at least one NQF level lower (NQF 6) than the qualification applied for (NQF 7), as per Saqa requirements


  • 360, exiting at NQF Level 7

Learning outcomes

  • Apply key principles and specialised knowledge to operate in a complex and variable public and private sector environment
  • Use a range of methods and technology to critically assess complex business problems, propose solutions, and independently evaluate and address opportunities and control risk
  • Apply integrated knowledge to prepare and interrogate accounting and audit reports according to local and international standards
  • Behave and communicate objectively, responsibly, professionally and ethically, and act in the public interest

Compulsory modules

  • Economics
  • Financial Accounting (at three levels)
  • Business Management
  • Computer Skills
  • Business Communication
  • Commercial Law
  • Business Ethics
  • Mathematics
  • Auditing (second and third year)
  • Taxation (second and third year)
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Company Law
  • Management Accounting
  • Accounting in a Computerised Environment
  • Risk and Financial Management
  • Corporate Governance
  • Cost and Management Accounting


  • None

Job opportunities

  • xxxxxx



Participants will engage with the course through online sessions with an instructor leading the class twice-weekly

What you will get 

  • 60 hours of online instruction
  • Class recordings you can replay for the duration of the course
  • Study guides accompanying each online session
  • Practical tasks and digital assessments
  • Anytime access online for the duration of the course

Course timetable

Please confirm course timetable before enrolling for a course


Three years

Course Curriculum

Curriculum is empty