Introduction to Robotics Instructor-Led

This course provides an introduction to all aspects of robotics and robotic process automation. You will emerge from it with a clear perspective of how to use these processes to achieve organisational goals, and able to create and use TaskBots and MetaBots.


Robotics process automation (RPA) has gained traction with organisations that need to automate processes, as its benefits transcend mere cost reduction in business.
It brings improved process control, faster processing, improves data quality, and releases employees to perform value-add activities for their organisations.
This course introduces you to what RPA can do; how to read its dashboards (process, operations and executive); how to create, edit and use a TaskBot; how to set up web services; and designing MetaBots.

Who is it for?

Nontechnical professionals, and technicians who need a refresher in basic robotics.

Certificates are awarded on the following basis:

  • Certificate of completion: Cumulative average of 80% in online tests
  • Certificate of participation: Cumulative average of 50%-79% for online tests
  • Certificate of attendance: Cumulative average of less than 50% for online tests

Learning outcomes

You will emerge from this course

  • Familiar with the evolution of robotics;
  • With an understanding of the most important concepts in robotics technology, and how and where RPA can be used;
  • Familiar with RPA tools;

And able to:

  • Communicate, manipulate data, and manage customers using RPA bots to provide end-to-end business process solutions; and
  • Use RPA and cognitive automation applications to build enterprise strategy.

You will cover

Robotics basics; process automation; using Automation Anywhere software, including its dashboards, command categories and web service implementation; PDF integration; MetaBot implementation.

Course prerequisites

  • None

Job opportunities

  • RPA developer, project manager, business analyst, solution architect, consultant.


This option is available from 2021

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Course Curriculum

Time: 4 weeks
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