Doctorate in Business Management

As a doctoral candidate you will have the opportunity to solve complex issues through this qualification, which is underpinned by exceptional, methodical research, and academic rigour. Candidates should be curious, independent thinkers, conversant with research, and eager to make a significant contribution to the fields of leadership and management.

Course description

This qualification is ideal for self-motivated business managers and leaders who have proven themselves in the workplace but seek more intellectual challenges with a research project within the disciplines of leadership and management.
If you hold an MBA NQF Level 8 qualification you must complete an intensive two-day bridging programme to be considered for provisional registration.
Once provisionally registered, you will be required to attend a three-day Advanced Research Methodology course to prepare for the DBM.
As a DBM candidate, you will be required to submit a thesis that makes an original contribution to the body of knowledge in the area of management and or leadership, defend it to a panel of experts, and – with your supervisor – co-author a research paper that is published in an accredited journal.

Who is it for?

To develop the knowledge and leadership skills our future business leaders need.

Entry requirements

  • A completed application form
  • A resume or current CV
  • A letter motivating your application
  • Certified copies of your degree certificates and academic transcripts of relevant masters degree from an accredited institution, with a mark of at least 65% for either (a) both the modules and dissertation of coursework or (b) for the dissertation of a full research project
  • A one-page statement of research intent, outlining what you intend to research


360 at NQF Level 10

Learning outcomes

  • Participate in addressing complex socioeconomic local and global challenges
  • Demonstrate the ability to conduct high-level independent research using advanced research methods, and analyse and communicate the findings
  • Contribute to the body of knowledge in your area of research and advance a specific management discipline
  • Develop and present peer-reviewed academic articles and papers at academic and professional conferences
  • Compile work of quality to satisfy peer review and merit publication
  • Demonstrate the potential to supervise and evaluate the research of others in the area of specialisation concerned



This mode of study is suitable for candidates who desire to study online and at their pace, irrespective of their location. The course contents are delivered through prerecorded video and other 5th generation study tools.


Course fees
R 19 500

Course Curriculum

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