Bachelor Of Public Management

This three-year degree covers management of human resources, finance, public policy, strategic management and other critical functions in the public sector.


This programme will help you to unlock your career potential in management in the public and development sector.

You should emerge from it able to apply core management competencies in a public sector context, as well as analyse various aspects of public service and apply relevant models and theories to resolve challenges. You will be equipped to assess the management of public finances, examine legislation, evaluate the formulation and application of public policy, and plan strategically, knowing that you have a grasp of economics underpinning all that you do.

Completing this degree will also provide you with a stepping stone to the Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management.

Who is it for?

The Bachelor of Public Management degree provides a firm foundation for a career in the public service or the development sector, equipping you to address the complex challenges both face.

Certificates are awarded on the following basis:

  • Certificate of completion: Cumulative average of 80% in online tests
  • Certificate of participation: Cumulative average of 50%-79% for online tests
  • Certificate of attendance: Cumulative average of less than 50% for online tests

Entry requirements

  • Senior certificate with endorsement; or
  • National senior certificate with bachelors’ degree admission; or
  • Higher Certificate in Public Management


  • 360, exiting at NQF Level 7

Learning outcomes

  • Evaluate and apply core management principles and competencies in the public and development sector context.
  • Analyse a public and development sector department’s human capital requirements using relevant models and theories.
  • Assess the management of public finances and examine the relevant legislation.
  • Evaluate the formulation and application of public policy.
  • Assess the theoretical debate on moral appraisal in the public and development sectors.
  • Analyse the process of negotiation, mediation and arbitration in the public and development sector.
  • Integrate project management principles with the overall operation of public and development sector organisations.

Compulsory modules

  • Public Management I, II
  • Public Human Resource Management I, II
  • Public Finance Management I, II
  • Introduction to Economics I, II
  • Public Policy Management I, II
  • Public Strategic Management I, II


Select two majors:

  • Public Management III
  • Public Human Resource Management III
  • Public Finance Management III
  • Economics III
  • Public Policy Management III

Plus two minors:

  • Public Procurement
  • Local Government
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Public Ethics
  • Quality and Customer Management
  • Labour Relations
  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Project and Programme Management

Job opportunities

  • xxxxxx



Participants will engage with the course through online sessions with an instructor leading the class twice-weekly

What you will get 

  • 60 hours of online instruction
  • Class recordings you can replay for the duration of the course
  • Study guides accompanying each online session
  • Practical tasks and digital assessments
  • Anytime access online for the duration of the course

Course timetable

Please confirm course timetable before enrolling for a course


Three years

Course Curriculum

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